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Prof. Satinder Kumar Sharma




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Mr. Sunil Kumar

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Mr. Lalit Sharma

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S. No. Instrument Operation-in-charge
1 Keithley Manvendra Chauhan
2 Mask-less Lithography Prachi Gupta
3 Electron Beam Lithography Manvendra / Sumit Choudhary
4 Ellipsometry Prachi Gupta
5 AFM Kumar Palit Sharma
6 RIE Sumit Choudhary
7 HIBL Manvendra Chauhan
8 Optical Microscope Manvendra Chauhan
9 Contact Angle and CH Analyzer Sunil Kumar
10 Electro-Spinning & 3D Printer Kumar Palit Sharma
11 Thermal Evaporator Sumit Choudhary
12A Profilometer (Stylus) M G Moinuddin
12B Profilometer (Optical) Kumar Palit / Sumit Choudhary
13 FESEM Kumar Palit Sharma
14 Spin Coater & Hot Plate Manvendra Chauhan
15 EVG Mask Aligner Sumit Choudhary / Santu Nandi
16 Furnace Prachi Gupta
17 Sputtering Sumit Choudhary
18 Oven (vacuum/hot air) Manvendra Chauhan
19 CCTV Operation  
Sunil Kumar
20 Access Control  
Sunil Kumar
21 Electrical Control and Compressor Sumit Choudhary
22 DI Water & RO Plant Sunil Kumar
23 Chemical Record Sunil Kumar
24 Inventory Sunil Kumar
25 Lab Cleaning Lalit Kumar
26 New User Access Sunil Kumar
27 Glove Box  
28 Gas & Fire Control Manvendra Chauhan / Sumit Choudhary
29 Bill Entry  
Sunil Kumar
30 Gas Control Manvendra